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Be Healthy Chiropractic Self-Help Videos

At Be Healthy Chiropractic, we are passionate about healthy lifestyles and we are committed to helping you to help yourself live a healthier, happier and more balanced life. This is because the healthier you are and the healthier your lifestyle the less physical or emotional pain you’ll experience. Click on the subject headings below to view these practical lifestyle tips and strategies…

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How to Get In and Out of Bed Without Hurting Your Lower Back
Hurt Your Back? Do These Two Things Immediately
Discover the Most Important Muscles to Strengthen to Prevent Low Back Pain...and it's NOT Your Core!
The Best Stretch to Relieve Low Back Pain
The Rebound Effect: Why Taking Painkillers Can Increase Your Sensitivity to Future Pain
Scientific Study Alert: Don't Take Another Painkiller For Back Pain Until You've Watched This
Warning: Avoid This Commonly Used Back Pain Treatment

Health and Wellbeing

What’s The Best Sleeping Posture? The scientific advice has changed… Dr Paul Lanthois shares what science is now telling us about the benefits and risks of different sleeping postures.
The Scary Impact That Poor Neck Posture Has On Your Brain Poor neck posture increases your risk of neck-related symptoms by 18 fold. But recent research suggests that poor neck posture may have even more serious effects on the function of your brain. Sunshine Coast chiropractor Dr Paul Lanthois explains how poor neck posture can stress the brain and can impact your overall health and wellbeing and why it’s an essential problem to fix.
How To Work Out If Your Pillow Is The Right Size For You Here Dr Lanthois talks about all things pillows: When you need a pillow; When you shouldn’t use a pillow; What type of pillow is best? How you can determine if your pillow is the right size for you.
30 Seconds To Instant Stress Relief There is a strong connection between your posture and your mental health. Sunshine Coast chiropractor, Dr. Paul Lanthois shares a simple 30-second exercise that can instantly de-stress you. In fact, over 20 years ago Dr. Lanthois discovered this exercise that helped him personally stop and eventually control his anxiety and panic attacks. If you are feeling stressed give this a go.
How Your Breathing Can Throw Your Neck Out of Whack How you breathe has a massive effect on the posture of your neck and shoulders. Dr. Paul Lanthois shares a simple home test to work out if your breathing is making your neck and shoulder posture worse and shows you 3 effective ways that you can improve your breathing and your posture.
The 3 Most Common Mistakes Health Professionals Make When Treating Aches and Pains If you or your friends have tried getting professional help to fix your neck or back pain and you didn’t get the results you wanted it may because the health professional that you saw made one of these mistakes.
Using a Standing Desk? Don’t Make This Mistake! You’ve probably noticed that lots of people (including us) are using standing desks. In fact, they’re becoming commonplace in most workplaces. But I have been getting feedback from many patients that they’re actually getting MORE neck and back pain since using a standing desk.
The Jedi Mind Trick That Can Help Reduce Back Pain Immediately. Pain can make you stressed. The more stressed you are, the more pain you’ll feel. It becomes a vicious cycle. This Jedi mind trick can help you break this cycle. It will help you calm your stress reaction to pain which will help reduce your pain straight away so you don’t just feel better but feel better about yourself.
Common Driving Mistakes That Throw Your Back Out of Alignment. How you drive is a common cause of spinal misalignment. This video will show you the two most common driving mistakes that can throw your back out of alignment and what to do instead. So watch this video to help save the discs in your back because worn-out tyres can be easily replaced! Worn-out discs in your back can’t!
If You Are at a Computer All Day. Make sure you do this easy tension-buster. Try this simple movement to instantly reduce neck and shoulder tension.
Is Your Back Pain Really Killing You? Dr Lanthois discusses the results of a study linking back pain to a 13% increased risk of death. He shares why back pain should no longer be considered just a back problem but an overall health and wellbeing problem and the best way to address back pain in the future.
NEVER Apply Heat to an Injury
Why You Should NEVER Apply Heat to Treat an Injury If you have an ache or pain you should never apply heat to the injured area. You should use ice…
Natural Energy Boost
The Quickest Natural Energy Boost You don’t need a sugary “energy” drink, a coffee or a block of chocolate to boost to energy throughout the day. If you are feeling tired try this simple tip that takes about thirty seconds…
How to Use a Gua Sha Fin to Reduce Your Aches and Pains This one thousand-year-old Chinese medicine technique is brilliant in reducing nagging aches and pains. Dr Lanthois shows you how you can do this yourself.
waste of time
Why Walking For Exercise is a Waste of Time When I give presentations, this is the topic that always seems to stir up the biggest controversy and debate. Health authorities universally recommend brisk walking for exercise but the reality is that most people do not walk brisk enough to call it exercise…
How Much Does Poor Health Cost Business? Many people can be so focused on their career and business that they pay scant regard to their health and wellbeing. This research shows that the health of your business is massively affected by the health of its employees…
The Exercise Program For When You Have No Spare Time When you are busy juggling work and family commitments we can often make lifestyle choices that save time as opposed to making the healthier choices. Here is a healthy choice that does save you time. I show you a simple and effective workout that can even be done if you are at home with the kids…
Practical Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into A Busy Life Don’t have enough time to exercise while juggling family, social and work commitments? Here are some practical suggestions on how to squeeze exercise into the busiest of schedules…

Neck and Shoulder (and Upper Body) Pain

The Breakthrough In The Treatment of Neck and Shoulder Pain Other studies and our own clinical results are suggesting that this could be the missing piece of the puzzle in the treatment of neck and shoulder pain and tension…
How to Calm a Migraine Headache … a Chiropractor’s Real-Life Account Dr. Paul Lanthois shares what he recently did to effectively calm his migraine symptoms and how he also addressed the main cause of his migraine.
If Scans Have Shown That A Degenerative Disc Is Causing Your Pain Then You Have To Watch This If you have had a CT or MRI scan in the past and have been told that a slipped or worn out disc is causing your pain, DON’T DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE WATCHED THIS…
5 Foam Rolling Exercises to Reduce Back Pain and Stiffness If back pain or stiffness is making you feel older than you are, and preventing you from doing the activities you really want to do… then this video is for you.
90-Second Exercise Program To Reduce and Prevent Back Pain This video will show a 90-second workout that strengthens weak postural muscles. For people with a crook back who struggle to find the time to consistently do the proper back strengthening exercises then this video is for you. These 7 specific exercises have been designed to be done anytime or anywhere.
Quick Relief for Shoulder Tension A painful but effective muscle release technique that can ease neck and shoulder tension instantly.
How to Get Rid of the Unsightly Hump at the Base of Your Neck This exercise, in combination with regular chiropractic care, will help combat that unsightly hump at the base of your neck and will reduce neck and shoulder tension at the same time.
The Best Shoulder Stretches If you have had recurrent neck and shoulder stiffness, shoulder pain or shoulder problems here are the best stretches to help rebalance your shoulders…
The Best Exercise to Help Reduce Neck and Shoulder Tension When you look at your neck from the side it should have a curve in it. This curve acts as a shock absorber and reduces tension and wear on the shoulder and neck muscles and joints. Here is an exercise to help maintain this neck curve.
Beating Wrist Pain If you spend a lot of time on computers or you work a lot with your hands here is a practical exercise to treat and prevent wrist pain and injuries. I recommend that you do three sets of this exercise, 20 repetitions, three times a week. You should notice a significant difference within two weeks…
Increase Your Neck Flexibility and Reduce Neck Tension Just follow these simple exercises that you can do anytime.
The Chiropractic Approach to Helping Children After raising 3 children I grew tired of this nursery rhyme that taught kids that to look for a pill solution to health problems. So, being a chiropractor, one day I came up with a version of the song with a more natural slant to it.

Lower Back and Leg Pain

Preventing Leg and Back Injuries This is one of the best exercises I know in treating and preventing knee, back or hip pain. Do three sets of 20 of this exercise, three days/week…
Getting the Spring Back In Your Feet This exercise will not only reduce aches and pains in your feet but it improves your feet’s capacity to absorb shock. This then reduces the load on your hips, knees and back as well…

Emotional Pain

Does It Have To Hurt To Heal? A true-life account of how Dr Lanthois coped with the loss of a family member several years ago.
It’s Impossible to Suffer From Stress, You DO Stress In his book, From Burnout to Balance in Four Weeks Dr Lanthois shares many strategies for dealing with emotional pain. He used many of these to successfully overcome stress, anxiety and depression 17 years ago. One vital change was a realisation that stress was not something that happened to you but it was something that you create yourself. Here Dr Lanthois explain why…
Reduce Your Stress By Changing How You Describe Things Do you want a simple way to reduce your stress that is effective instantly? Then try this approach…
Reduce Your Stress Levels Instantaneously Having successfully overcome stress, anxiety and depression without the use of any drugs Dr Lanthois discovered that there are several surprisingly simple (yet surprisingly effective) ways to virtually eliminate feelings of stress in an instant. Here’s another one of them…

Nutrition and Supplementation

Why Taking Juice Plus is Guaranteed to Be Better than Taking ANY Vitamin Supplement in the World If you aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables, you need to supplement with a fruit and vegetable supplement, not a vitamin supplement. Juice Plus has over 30 studies proving its absorption and health giving qualities. That’s why Dr Lanthois and his family have been taking Juice Plus for nearly two decades.
How Juice Plus Supplements Are Made How do they manage to get fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm and into a convenient capsule for you to take? Here’s how…
The Real Danger Of Drinking Coffee… and it’s Not the Caffeine Most debates on the merits and dangers of coffee consumption centre around the effect of caffeine on the nervous system. To me, there is a more subtle and more sinister danger behind coffee consumption…
Why I Recommend Mercola’s Complete Probiotic at Be Healthy Chiropractic Wellness Centre Over All Other Probiotic Supplements Not all probiotics are the same. In fact, 33% of probiotics tested have no live strains in them and only 13% contained the ingredients they claim. Here why Mercola’s Complete Probiotic is the only probiotic we sell at Be Healthy Chiropractic Wellness Centre.
Why I Only Choose Nordic Naturals For My Fish Oil Supplement A recent study found that 80% of fish oil supplements contained “oxidised” fish oil which essentially is fish oil that is off and useless. That is why I will only recommend a fish oil brand that has great quality control and has had their fish oils tested and verified to work in the scientific literature. Here’s how Nordic Naturals Fish Oil is made…

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