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At Be Healthy Chiropractic we are passionate about healthy lifestyles and we are committed to helping you to help yourself live a healthier, happier and more balanced life. Click on the subject headings below to view more articles written by Dr Lanthois that will provide you healthy lifestyle tips and strategies that will not only reduce your pain but boost your overall health and wellbeing at the same time…

Health and Wellbeing

How Chiropractic Promotes Overall Health Health means a lot more than just feeling good.

Why Getting a Cold or Flu Can Mean That You’re Getting Healthier Consider colds and flu-like an opportunity to have a big clean up of your body

Why You Should Work With Disease Instead of Trying to Fighting Against It If you listen to your body’s whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream

Does Your Metabolism Slow Down As You Age? Are our expanding waistlines part of normal ageing or is blaming your age just an excuse?

Self Motivation For Lasting Healthy Change Follow these three critical steps to create lasting healthy change.

Be Healthy Chiropractic’s Sensational Green Smoothie Our own low-carb recipe filled with healthy veggies that don’t taste like lawn clippings

Eat to Beat Inflammation These foods will help reduce your aches and pain.

Fit Body, Sharp Mind This healthy habit not only boosts your health but sharpens your mind too…

How Pain Can Make You Healthy  This research shows that a more holistic approach to back pain helps not only reduce your pain but has additional benefits to your health…

Physical Pain Relief

This is the Best Pillow Going Around For Your Neck and Shoulders Discover why this pillow is better than others on the market

How to Make Sure That Your Pillow is the Right Size For You. This guide will save yourself money and a lot of discomfort.

Why Painkilling Medications Are Bound to Hurt You Painkilling medication can temporarily relieve the symptom of pain but the rebound effect of pain medication will likely have you in more long term pain.

Using Pain to Win Your Health Game How the Hot and Cold game can change how you think of pain…

How Pain Makes Us Healthy Looking at the healthy side of pain might seem akin to visiting the dark side of the moon…

No Brain No Pain … how your brain’s pain perception is influenced by the feedback it receives from all parts of your body and how you can use that to your advantage

Using Pain to Your Advantage – Like an Olympic Gold Medallist When you watch the amazing feats of incredible athletes at the Rio Olympics it’s hard to comprehend that you have much in common with any of them

Pain Relief Breakthrough: How Pain Can Actually Be Good For You Stop trying to suppress and stop your pain. Your pain is one of your most powerful tools for healing.

Recover Quicker From Injury By Avoiding This Mistake Do you use ice or heat when in pain? One of them is a mistake…

Emotional Pain Relief

Does it Have to Hurt to Heal? I often talk about the benefits of pain in the healing of physical injuries, but dealing with emotional pain brought a whole different perspective to the subject…or did it?

You’re Not Busy, You’re Just Procrastinating “I’m so busy.” It’s as if we regard how busy we are as some sort of badge of honour in the delusion that “busyness” somehow equals success when it just causes more stress.

How Getting Bullied Can Be Good For Children: and the younger the better Dr Lanthois shares his own personal account of how he used the bullying of his own child to help build tremendous resilience and character in him.

How Anxiety and Depression Can Be Good For You: And How Trying to Stop It Could Harm You So-called “negative” emotions are one of the most important tools you have to resolve stress permanently. You can even use them to your advantage.

The Great Depression and Anxiety Hoax  It’s time to remove your chemical straight jacket. The idea that your depression or anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance (lack of serotonin) in your brain is a big lie!

7 Ways To Improve Your Mood Naturally Here’s a range of natural solutions for when you wake up on the wrong side of bed …

Good Posture, Better Mood? Changing your posture can be one of the simplest and most powerful ways to affect your mood…


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