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Chiropractor Dr. Paul Lanthois

Meet Dr Paul Lanthois, Chiropractor

I love having the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s such a privilege.

Growing up, our chiropractor had migraine headaches that would come about a few times a week. After falling onstage in drama class, a persistent headache plagued him every day. His mum brought Dr Lanthois to a specialist at the hospital in Adelaide, 800 miles away. The doctor there barely touched Dr Lanthois, writing off his problem as stress.

A family friend happened to mention that their son had great success getting rid of headaches through chiropractic. This single experience alone was enough to make Dr Lanthois want to join the chiropractic process.

Educated in Health, Movement and Chiropractic

The first step in Dr Lanthois’ education was to earn a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology. Then, he moved onto Macquarie University, where he obtained a master’s degree in chiropractic. Upon his graduation, he completed a postgraduate diploma in sports chiropractic-one of the first in the world to do so!

Enjoying Life

To this day, Dr Lanthois is involved in sports. His son is with the Brisbane Lions Academy with hopes to become a professional AFL player. During footie season, Dr Lanthois can likely be found around the Maroochydore Roos AFL club. He enjoys being outdoors, taking his dog on the beach or going paddle boarding on the Maroochy River.

Dr Lanthois is a prolific author, including the popular book From Burnout to Balance in Four Weeks. This book was created from his experience being burnt out and having a near nervous breakdown. After making changes to his own lifestyle, he had a patient who referred to him as “pathologically happy.” Dr Lanthois had so many people ask how he got his calm demeanour, so he wrote books to share his experiences. His additional topics include stress relief, eating right, exercise and pain relief.

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