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About Be Healthy Chiropractic

Dr Paul Lanthois (Chiropractor) joined our community area more than a decade ago. He supports the wellbeing of Mudjimba and Maroochydore residents with natural care. Did you know that people on the Sunshine Coast live longer than anywhere in Australia?

At Be Healthy Chiropractic, our team endeavours to keep you healthy so you can be a part of that great statistic!

The Premier Centre for Pain-Free Living

Our goal is to make sure that Be Healthy Chiropractic is the number one centre on the Sunshine Coast for natural health, authentic happiness and a pain-free life. It’s our mission to be a renowned holistic health care centre, now and in the future.

Our team provides practical lifestyle solutions to create an abundance of health and happiness in your life. We’re here to help balance you in mind, body and spirit so you can live vibrantly, allowing us to contribute to the growth and expansion of each individual we see.

Why Pain Doesn’t Matter As Much As You Think

Plenty of people find their way to a chiropractor because they have a type of pain. Pain is your body’s way of giving you feedback, letting you know something is wrong. That’s why we don’t focus on suppressing or numbing pain-we listen to it.

If you listen when your body whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.

We want to make sure you’re in tune with your needs so you can give your health the attention it needs as soon as you get that feedback. As a chiropractor, Dr Lanthois doesn’t treat pain-he uses it as an indication of where your body may need assistance.

An Experience to Anticipate

Be Healthy Chiropractic is a positive, upbeat place. Though we take improving your health seriously, we believe fun and laughter are a necessary part of the healing process. You’ll find our atmosphere to be a sanctuary-a safe place you can come in and let your guard down. Know that we will take care of you!

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