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Nutritional Advice and Supplementation Maroochydore

Throughout the last 30 years of practice I have examined the nutritional habits of every single patient because I have seen first-hand the massive impact that our eating habits have on our ability to heal, reduce pain and reduce inflammation. I appreciate that not everyone may not have time and circumstances to create the healthiest of diets in a busy world. That’s why I have spent the past 30 years looking at the best and scientifically validated supplements that can assist and support your efforts to improve your eating habits. These are the supplements that my family and I personally use. I also recommend them for all of our patients at Be Healthy Chiropractic.

Juice Plus

My general dietary advice is to eat less junk food, drink more water, and eat at least 7 serves of fresh raw fruits and vegetables a day (more for athletes). For those who do not eat the minimum requirements, I strongly recommend Juice Plus ™, a whole food nutritional supplement made from 17 different fruits and vegetables that provides your body with the full range of nutrients it needs to maintain healthy cells and prevent degenerative diseases. With 30 studies demonstrating its effectiveness, “Juice Plus is the only supplement my family and I have been taking for the last 22 years.” Click here for more information, or to order Juice Plus ™ right now.


Nordic Naturals Arctic Omega Fish Oil

The only fish oil I have come across with studies done on this actual brand showing its absorption and effectiveness. This product is great for reducing inflammation.

Available at reception at Be Healthy Chiropractic.

Complete Probiotics

Probiotics are vital to a healthy digestive system. This world’s best probiotics contains 10 specifc beneficial bacteria strains including the superstrain lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 and 70 billion CFU per serve which is x3 more than in most probiotic supplements.

Available at reception at Be Healthy Chiropractic.

Active H2 Ultra Hydrogen Tablet

The Ultimate Hydrogen Tablet is a revolutionary supplement designed to infuse pure drinking water with high-dose Molecular Hydrogen (H2), the first and most abundant element in the Universe. H2 plays a vital role in cellular processes, offering numerous health benefits. The supplement offers anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-oxidant, anti-obesity, anti-apoptotic (preventing premature cell death), and anti-aging effects, among others, helping to restore body homeostasis.

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H2’s small molecular size grants it superior cellular bioavailability compared to other nutrients, enabling it to rapidly diffuse into cells, mitochondria, and bodily fluids. The tablet, Active H2 Ultra, surpasses other hydrogen supplements in effectiveness due to its high H2 content. It works by releasing millions of tiny hydrogen nanobubbles into the water as it reacts.

The supplement’s natural formula comprises a proprietary blend of pure magnesium, malic acid, tartaric acid, and dextrose, acting synergistically to produce H2. These ingredients support human body enzymes, energy reserves, mental clarity, and muscle fatigue reversal, ultimately enhancing the overall state of health, energy levels, focus, physical performance, and recovery time.

NOTE: For more information on hydrogen tablets & the science behind them, start watching the video at 1:56.42

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