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Body Composition Testing

At Be Healthy Chiropractic, we are committed to helping you achieve true and lasting positive changes in your health and lifestyle. We understand that you can have healthy and unhealthy weight loss but you can’t tell the difference by focussing solely on your weight as an indicator of health.

That’s why we believe in delving deeper to determine whether weight loss is due to healthy fat loss, muscle loss, or fluid loss.

By addressing these factors, we can ensure that our clients achieve the desired outcomes and maintain optimal health.

Introducing the Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner

62b3de00d4f33EV-360-Machine-Image-1-(1)The Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner, also known as the Intelligent Body Scanner, is a user-friendly device that provides comprehensive information about the body in just 60 seconds. Through more than 40 measurements, this cutting-edge scanner offers detailed insights into various aspects of body composition.

By simply passing an electrical current through the feet and hands, the scanner measures the resistance to flow, allowing us to differentiate between muscle mass, fat mass, water content, and mineral levels. This goes far beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach of using the generic Body Mass Index (BMI).

The readings obtained from the scanner are specific to each individual, enabling Dr Lanthois to design personalised health and wellness programs that cater your unique need.

What to Expect

Using the Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner is a quick and straightforward process. Clients simply need to remove their shoes, hold on to the handles, and stand on the provided platforms with bare feet. The scanner then emits a low-level electrical current that passes through different types of tissues within the body. Each type of tissue offers a different level of resistance to the current, which is reflected in the analysis provided by the scanner’s console.

The analysis not only helps determine the amount of fat present, including subcutaneous fat (fat beneath the skin), but also focuses on the critical measurement of visceral fat. This is the type of fat that surrounds the organs. Visceral fat can be detrimental to overall health and wellbeing.

Identifying whether visceral fat is at a dangerous level is an essential aspect of the 60-second scan. By complementing our existing holistic chiropractic and lifestyle services, this scan allows you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your body’s composition and develop strategies to optimise your health.

Monitoring Your Progress

You can also enjoy free access to an app that allows you to monitor your progress yourself. The app also features health tips, health blog, nutritional advice, activity trackers and future mindfulness and wellbeing scores.

We’re delighted that we have been able to incorporate this extra service into our initial chiropractic consultation and examination for no extra fee. Additional scans are just $25 and are only available for chiropractic patients. We recommend that additional scans are done during re-examination consultations but we understand that some of you would want to get these scans more frequently.


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