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Be Healthy Chiropractic's Green Smoothie... the healthiest start to your day

When you wake up in the morning your blood sugar is at its lowest. Your body responds to this by increasing the level of the stress hormone, cortisol to stimulate your body into getting important food into your system. Many people are tempted to have a quick juice, a piece of fruit, cereal, toast in the morning. The problem with these approaches is that they are too high in sugar causing your blood sugar levels to see-saw wildly throughout your day which creates increased stress on your body and conditions your body to burn sugar and store fat. This can lay the foundations for a future of obesity and diabetes.

Some people think a morning cup of tea or coffee is the way to start the day but the caffeine in coffee and tea and the theobromine in tea are stimulants to the sympathetic nervous system. That is the system involved in your fight or flight response… ie your stress response! Most days are stressful enough without starting every day with a cup of extra stress!

So what is a healthier alternative?…

Start your day with vegetables… especially green vegetables, healthy fats and protein. They stimulate your metabolism,  increase and balance your blood sugar levels slowly and provide sustained energy throughout the start of your day which your brain loves. Be Healthy Chiropractic’s Green Smoothie is an easy, convenient and tasty way to get heaps of these healthy ingredients into your body in the morning. All the major ingredients are available from all the major supermarkets.

All you need to make Be Healthy Chiropractic's Healthy Green Smoothie

All you need to make Be Healthy Chiropractic’s Healthy Green Smoothie













Be Healthy Chiropractic’s Green Smoothie


1 leaf of kale or silverbeet (use interchangeably)

1/4- 1/2 of avocado

 a heaped tablespoon of bean sprouts

a handful of baby spinach

2-3 thick slices of cucumber

1 tablespoon of olive oil ( recommend Cobram Estate)

1 tablespoon of Maca powder ( Connect Foods Organic Maca Powder )

5-10 almonds

1 heaped teaspoon of chia seeds

Add ingredients into a Nutribullet cup and fill with cold water to the desired level.

Now if you were to mix these ingredients you would have a very healthy smoothie that, to be honest, would taste a bit like lawn clippings! Rather than use sugary sweeteners or fruits to sweeten the taste use these 2 special low-carb options that turn this into a palatable and tasty green smoothie.

The 2 key low-carb ingredients are:

1/2 -1/3 of a sachet of Juice Plus Vanilla Complete ( to order click here)

1 tablespoon of Jalna Organic Biodynamic Yoghurt

Mix all the ingredients in a Nutribullet and enjoy the drink.




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