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Pain Breakthrough: How Pain Can Actually Be Good For You

Sunshine Coast chiropractor, Dr Paul Lanthois is calling for people to start changing their approach to treating pain. His research has found pain can actually be good for you and that trying to suppress the symptom of pain happens to be one of the biggest causes of persistent aches and pains.

Dr Lanthois points out that typical pain relief approaches focus on suppression or treatment of the SYMPTOM of pain rather than exploring the CAUSES of the pain. “Ironically, I‘ve found that pain is not the enemy. In fact, the research shows that your pain is good for you in several ways”.

“In my studies, pain has been shown to control inflammation, protect your body from further damage and is valuable and healthy feedback which you can use to your advantage. Pain is also an important guide to uncovering the underlying causes of pain.”

That’s why he warns against trying to suppress or numb the symptom of pain because doing so, robs you of the best tool you have to uncover the CAUSE of your pain.”

Having personally overcome stress fractures in his back and severe migraines in his youth, Dr Lanthois is no stranger to pain himself but he happens to be grateful for his pain as it taught him a lot about his body and his overall health.

But according to Dr Lanthois, herein lies the biggest problem with current pain management. “Pain is valuable feedback from your brain and your brain controls your whole body yet most people don’t listen to it.”

He suggests that that the single most powerful thing anyone can do to heal the cause of their pain is to change their understanding of pain.

That is why over his 25-year career, Dr Lanthois developed the Lanthois Pain Relief Method that teaches people how to listen to and use their pain to heal the cause of their pain  – and boost their overall wellbeing at the same time. The results have been so effective that it has become the subject of Dr Lanthois’ latest book, Your Healthy Pain: Winning The Pain Game.

To assist people in coming up with pain management solutions in their lifestyle he has authored Your Healthy Pain lifestyle book series which comprises guides on stretching, fitness, strength training, nutrition and stress management techniques that address the underlying lifestyle cause of pain.

Dr Lanthois shares his pain relief breakthroughs in his recent book series

Dr Lanthois shares his pain relief breakthroughs in his recent book series

 Dr Lanthois advice for those dealing with pain…

“Stop treating pain as the enemy and start listening to it. Once you learn to tune into your body’s feedback, you will take back the power that you didn’t think you had. And that power can give you hope and healing when you thought that there was none.”

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