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Get This Pillow. It's Like a Day Spa For Your Neck and Shoulders!

If you haven’t bought a new pillow in the last three years you need to now. In 2001 a UK study found that “up to a third of the weight of your pillow could be made up of bugs, dead skin and dust mites and their faeces”. Hmmm, sweet dreams for those with an old pillow!

And you know what, you should buy this pillow: the Posture Form Contour-Cure Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow as its the Mercedes Benz of pillows.


But the cool thing with this pillow is that it is 4 pillows in one. It has a pull out section at the bottom of the pillow to help you change the thickness of the pillow 4 different ways so that you can make sure your head is in perfect alignment regardless of how soft or hard your mattress is.

Your head lies on a pillow for a third of your life. That’s a long time to put up with a crappy pillow!

Movie stars, world leaders and Nobel Prize Laureates all rest their heads on a pillow for eight hours a night just like you. If they knew of this pillow I reckon they would use this one. Bang for your buck-wise, this is an awesome purchase that will make you feel more comfortable throughout your sleep and when you wake up.

So come on down to Be Healthy Chiropractic to grab this pillow and we’ll even show you how to ensure how to select which of the 4 different sizes will hold you in a perfect posture or you can use this easy-to-follow pillow measuring guide.



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