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Discover the Most Important Muscles to Strengthen to Prevent Low Back Pain...and it's NOT Your Core!

Many people in the fitness industry believe that the core muscles are THE most important muscles to protect your lower back from injury.

Core muscles play a role in protecting your lower back but they are not close to being the most important!

There is a group of muscles that have x100 greater density of nerve connections with the brain and are the most influential in controlling your overall posture.

These muscles determine how much load your lower back bears and influences the activation of the core muscles.

In this video you will discover:

  • what these muscles are
  • where these muscles are located
  • how a developing young baby teaches us why these muscles are more important than the core muscles

You will also learn a simple modification to a common exercise that strengthens and activates this particular set of muscles AND your core muscles at the same time!

That way you can be sure that you have muscular strength in all of the key muscles to protect your lower back from injury.

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