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The Rebound Effect: Why Taking Painkillers Can Increase Your Sensitivity to Future Pain

It has almost become a part of our culture….whenever we feel pain or discomfort we tend to look to take medication to numb it. But have you ever thought about whether this is effective long-term in reducing pain as scientists are now suspecting that frequent use of painkillers can be creating more pain. It’s becoming so common that scientists have coined a name for this: The Rebound Effect.

In this video, you will learn about:

  • where pain comes from (it’s not from your injured tissue)
  • the neurologic phenomenon of the “rebound effect” which means that if you regularly take painkillers you are more likely to experience more pain in the future.

After watching this video you will definitely think twice about taking a painkiller and you may start looking at some natural means to calm pain and inflammation.

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