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Why Patients Should Offer Their Doctors Lollipops

On a visit to the doctor, both parents and doctors have offered children a bribe of a lollipop to encourage compliant behaviour.  But have you ever thought of offering your doctor a lollipop? After coming across this fascinating experiment, you may want to offer your doctor a lollipop at the start of your next consultation…

Happiness Can Improve Your Performance At Your Job

Happiness Can Improve Your Performance At Your Job

In the book The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Anchor described an experiment on trainee doctors to test their diagnostic skills. The doctors were divided into 3 groups: One group was “primed to feel happy” before the test, another group had to read “neutral” medical material before the test and the “control” group wasn’t given anything prior to the exercise.

The happiness-primed docs were almost twice as speedy at making the correct diagnosis compared to those in the control group. What was the mysterious way the doctors were primed for happiness?

You guessed it…

They were given lollipops!:)

And they weren’t even allowed to eat it to avoid the possibly skewing the results by performing with high blood sugar!

You see,  this is just one of countless studies that shows how happiness can improve your performance at work. That’s why I have spent my holidays coming up with a daily routine to help me make fun and happiness a key part of my day. That way I can prevent myself becoming a diabetic through all the lollipops I get from patients! :)

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