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The Most Common Nutritional Deficiency I've Found Over The Last 30 Years...and It Makes You More Likely To Experience More Pain

fruits and veggiesI’ve examined the diets of every single patient over the last 30 years because I have seen how what you eat influence how you heal.

In this video I will share the most common nutritional advice I’ve had to give because its the most common nutritional deficiency I’ve seen over the last 30 years.

This video will show:

  • what the most common nutritional deficiency is
  • How these ingredients are important in reducing aches and pains
  • The 4 key foods that you should eat daily that are full of this vital ingredient

To view the video click here.

For more recipes filled with anti-inflammatory foods click here to download your copy of Dr Lanthois’ Your Healthy Pain Nutrition Guide

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