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New Research Vindicates the Approach of Be Healthy Chiropractic

BrainWhen we ask patients what they most like about Be Healthy Chiropractic Wellness Centre the most common answer is that they enjoy “our comprehensive and holistic approach to chiropractic care and find it to be more effective.” Ironically, our holistic and comprehensive approach is often a frequent source of complaints from some prospective new patients. Some complain that they have to go through a detailed examination and testing first when they just want to get their back or neck “cracked”. I make no apology for it because I believe that it is essential to do a lot of initial testing first to discover what areas of the spine have lost their proper motion and posture (what we call Subluxations) so we can adjust those areas of subluxation specifically. Over my 33-year chiropractic career, I have found this approach to be far more effective than those who just “crack” someone’s back or neck willy-nilly. Now a recently published scientific study has supported our approach and explains why I will never adjust someone’s spine without an examination first…

The study, published on January 12, 2024, in the scientific journal Nature was conducted on 96 people with minor neck ache or stiffness who were divided into 2 groups…

– One group had an adjustment on a spinal subluxation in the neck (determined by an examination)

-The other group had an adjustment on a part of their neck that was not a spinal subluxation.

Previous research has shown that when you adjust a spinal subluxation it creates what is known as “improved sensorimotor integration in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain.” In layman’s terms, this means that the chiropractic adjustment improves the brain’s communication with the body giving your brain better control and coordination of the body. Researchers can measure this healthier change in the brain by measuring a reduction to a technical marker called the “N30 SEP Peak”.

In this latest study, researchers found that when a chiropractic adjustment was applied to a spinal subluxation it caused an immediate and significant reduction to the N30 SEP Peak in the brain but when an adjustment was applied to an area of the spine where there was not a spinal subluxation no change happened in the brain at all!!!!

What do the results mean for you?

The research confirms what I have observed clinically for the last 33 years. It demonstrates that the precise location of your chiropractic adjustment matters! When you just “crack” your neck or back without a proper examination you do not get these healthy changes to your brain because the area of subluxation hasn’t been determined.. so, you are getting ripped off. You only get these healthy changes to your brain when you have a spinal subluxation adjusted. The only way the chiropractor can determine the precise location of a spinal subluxation is by doing a proper examination.

Here at Be Healthy Chiropractic, we are proud of our thorough examination process to help accurately determine the specific sites of spinal subluxation to ensure that you get the best results. This is the process that most new patients will need to go through at Be Healthy Chiropractic…

Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 7.12.28 pm

As you can probably guess, if you or a friend just want someone to “crack your back” Be Healthy Chiropractic Wellness Centre would not be the place to go to.

If you want to get the best and healthiest outcomes from your chiropractic care along with the latest in evidence-based lifestyle and well-being advice, then feel free to call 5457 0657 because helping you get the best health outcomes is our purpose.


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