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How You Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety By Doing One Simple Thing

Last year at Be Healthy Chiropractic Wellness Centre, I dealt with as many people experiencing stress and anxiety as I did experiencing neck and back pain. I have been wondering why the number of people dealing stress and anxiety today is soaring … and today one of many possible reasons and a very simple solution finally came to me…

To me, a potential cause of  the rise of stress and anxiety today is that there is very little freedom to make a mistake nowadays…

You see, there are only 2 ways that we can fully overcome the consequences of mistakes we inevitably make in life.

The first way is  yourself and others forgetting about your mistake…

I admit that this was so much easier to do years ago before social media but nowadays your mistakes are on permanent record. People have been sacked, careers ruined, forced into humiliating public apologies due to the discovery of mistakes made and learnt from 10 -20 years ago because its all recorded now on the Internet and broadcast on social and mainstream media.

The second way we can fully overcome the consequences of mistakes we make is through forgiving.Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 8.10.42 pm

Now, the further we go back in recent history, the more people would be forgiving. This was due to a larger number of people actively practicing Christianity or were taught Christian principles in schools. One of which is the concept of forgiveness of sins (which is what Christmas is actually about).

Today, many have chosen to distance themselves from organised Christianity and I think as a consequence, many may have also not been exposed to teachings of the importance of forgiveness.

Think of Christianity how you choose but some of tits principles are worth considering…like practicing the art of forgiveness of others and of ourselves when mistakes occur.

I believe mistakes are an essential part of learning. It’s provides valuable feedback to improve our skills, growth and development and should be encouraged. With social media it is hard to forget mistakes we make but we can learn to forgive.

Who knows it may help yourself and help people you know relax a bit more knowing we have the freedom to be human and make mistakes…

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  1. David says
    Mar 03, 2020 at 9:19 PM

    Thanks Paul how very true

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