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How You Can Boost Your Energy Naturally

Many people think that tiredness and fatigue are an inevitable companion in life’s journey from the time we start having children and as we age. But just like the remnants of burning embers in a fireplace you can reignite your own fire within to create all the energy you desire…

To boost your energy naturally you just need to follow a few basic principles…

If you can understand how you make and sustain a fire you have the understanding required to boost your energy levels. There are six basic steps to making fire and six basic steps to boosting your energy naturally…

If you know how to make a fire you know how to boost your energy naturally

If you know how to make a fire you know how to boost your energy naturally

 Boost Your Energy Naturally Step 1 … Creating the spark

To light a fire you need a spark. You need a source of ignition. Your body’s  spark is your own nervous system. Your natural spark can be reduced by having a misaligned spine because it irritates the normal nerve flow. By ensuring a good spinal alignment your chiropractor plays a vital role in ensuring that your nervous system is free of interference. This make sure that your body’s natural spark is primed to ignite your energy centres.

Boost Your Energy Naturally Step 2 … Have quality combustible fuel
A fire burns best and for longer times on natural fuels like wood. The best fuel for your body is also provided by Mother Nature. Fruits,veggies, nuts, seeds and meats remain the ideal fuel for your energy. There is a  simple rule that will help you work out what foods are best to eat for greater energy…  If Mother Nature didn’t make it, you can’t catch or grow it or you can’t produce it, don’t put it in your mouth.

Some people think a coffee, a can of Red Bull or some sweet sugary treats give you energy but they have the same short term effect as when you throw petrol on the flames. The problem is that the flame peters out quickly  if you don’t have the basic fuels burning.

Boost Your Energy Naturally Step 3 … Oxygen

What are the most common thing  we do when we want to reawaken glowing embers?…

… We blow on it or fan the flame to provide it with more oxygen.

When we are feeling tired or lethargic if you give yourself more oxygen you will get more energy too. That’s why we yawn when we are tired! It’s your body wanting more oxygen.

So what is the best way to boost your oxygen levels? I’ll give you two ways…the quickest way and the most pleasurable way.

The quickest way is by exercising. The nicest way is by getting a massage.

Boost Your Energy Naturally Step 4 … Have a firescreen

We’re all aware that a fire screen’s main role is to stop those little sparks from flying all over the place and incinerating your home. When your body produces energy  your body gives off these damaging “free radicals”as a by-product. Like sparks to a house, these free radicals can cause serious damage to the health of our cells causing anything from wrinkles to cancer. But a diet high in antioxidants acts as a firescreen to protect your body from the effects of these free radicals.

So what foods are high in antioxidants?…

… Fruits and vegetables.

 Boost Your Energy Naturally Step 5… Have a chimney

The chimney is what keeps all that smoke from clogging up your house.  It helps to eliminate the toxins and rubbish from the fireplace.  Like that fireplace our body also needs to throw out rubbish.  We need to clean and detoxify ourselves.  This means ensuring we need to move our bodies and drink plenty of water.  It is also beneficial to use a loofah when showering to help exfoliate our skin and unclog our pores. This helps us to remove rubbish more effectively from our largest organ, our skin.

Boost Your Energy Naturally Step 6… Spend some time by the fire

It defeats the purpose of having a warm fire  in a cold house if you don’t spend any time by the fire to warm up. Put some time aside in the day to STOP and REST and RECHARGE. Resting is so undervalued and overlooked but it is probably the most powerful and essential step of all. Without sufficient rest you can undermine all the other things you are doing to produce energy. Rest is when you heal and repair and recharge. So take a moment a stop, breathe, soak in your surrounding and get a good nights sleep.

Like a fire, your energy isn’t controlled by one particular thing. There is a simple and basic formula in creating the energy that you desire. Follow this basic formula and abundant energy is inevitable.

The activities of life can get in the way of our best intentions to do what it takes to reclaim all the energy you desire. If you are one of these time-poor people get hold of Dr. Paul Lanthois’ book From Burnout to Balance in Four Weeks where he will take you through a step-by-step process to recharging  and reignite your body, mind and lifestyle amid  the busyness of life. (Also available as an e-book)