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Be Healthy Chiropractic Becomes a Family Affair

Many of you have already met my daughters, Aleisha and Erika who have helped out Sue and Bec at reception from time to time over the last five years. They are at university studying Law and Occupational Therapy respectively. Now it’s my son Daniel’s turn to become involved with chiropractic…

This week marks an exciting development at Be Healthy Chiropractic as my son, Daniel officially starts his 5-year chiropractic degree at Central Queensland University in Brisbane. Daniel had already completed two years of study in Clinical Exercise Physiology at QUT but decided that he wanted to play a more hands-on role in health, healing, and athletic performance. With Daniel’s involvement in playing AFL (he plays for Wilston Grange in the QAFL), he has always been fascinated by the brain and concussion, athletic performance, injury treatment, and prevention.

Daniel has already attended many professional seminars and is currently going through a whole lot of scientific resources that I possess giving him an understanding of chiropractic and the very latest in chiropractic research that many qualified chiropractors may not have.

There a several reasons why I am excited that Daniel has chosen to become a chiropractor:

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1) He has very good hands. Even as a child, he would give brilliant massages.

2) He has a very good sense of humour and laughter plays an important role in healing.

3) There is such amazing new research coming out on chiropractic care. The more they research chiropractic the more they discover exciting new developments and uses of chiropractic care. There are exciting times ahead for chiropractors and chiropractic patients alike.

4) Dan is a ripper young man. My wife and I have a great relationship with him, and we are really proud of the delightful young man that he has become.

5)  I know that Daniel will WANT to become a better chiropractor than me. I know that because he is VERY competitive. But where do you think he gets that competitive streak from? His Dad! So, knowing that he desperately wants to become a better chiropractor than me, the competitor in ME is going to make his task as hard as possible by continually learning, growing, and developing as a chiropractor. This competitive instinct will spur me to continually raise the chiropractic bar for Daniel so that the standard of chiropractic care here at Be Healthy Chiropractic will continue to thrive in the future.

And you all will be the beneficiaries of Dan and I’s friendly competitive rivalry.

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