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A Refreshing New and Natural Approach to Treating Pain

Most of us don’t like experiencing pain but it is something we all experience from time to time. In fact, when you think about it, pain is a perfectly natural part of life. But many of us treat pain as an annoyance that we should numb and ignore as quickly as possible. Many of the ways we choose to numb pain through the use of pain-relieving medications and alcohol have actually resulted in an epidemic of chronic pain, drug/alcohol dependence that has actually caused more deaths and hospitalisations than from all illicit drugs. The poor health outcomes from numbing-pain approaches along with the understanding that pain is healthy feedback from your brain surely means that it is time to adopt a new way to treat your pain…

Knowing that pain is healthy and valuable feedback does it make sense to continue to suppress pain or should you start listening to your pain?

When you treat your pain with a lot more love and respect you begin to listen to your pain. You appreciate that your pain is actually wise and valuable feedback that you can use to guide you to see a bigger picture of your overall health and lifestyle. While conventional thinking looks at pain as an isolated spot fire of a strained muscle or a sprained ligament that needs putting out, the Lanthois Pain Relief Method teaches you to look at pain as a healthy warning sign for your overall health and lifestyle.

The Lanthois Pain Relief Method

The Lanthois Pain Relief Method helps you heal pain through healing yourself

The Lanthois Pain Relief Method helps you heal pain through healing yourself

Pain is feedback from your body. It is feedback from your inner doctor saying that something is amiss with your general health. Feedback helps to direct you to change things. If you just suppress your body’s feedback by getting rid of the pain, things won’t change and the underlying cause of the pain remains.

If you listen and use your feedback of pain it can guide you to identify what is amiss with your health and lifestyle. Address these health and lifestyle issues you identify and you will start to remedy the underlying causes of your pain and heal your overall life at the same time.

This is why so many patients over the last 30 years who have learnt to listen to and use their pain with the Lanthois Pain Relief Method have found that they have not only obtained greater pain relief but their overall health and wellbeing has also risen to a new level.

Doctors (and many patients) mistakenly think that if you reduce your pain you will improve your health.

In actual fact, the opposite is true long-term…You need to improve your health in order to reduce your pain. 

How specifically do you improve your health to reduce your pain?

Listen to your pain! It will guide you along the way.

The Lanthois Pain Relief Method will help you translate your body signals and become fluent in the healing body language of your pain. It is outlined in his latest book Your Healthy Pain: Winning The Pain Game (available to download or in softcover).


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