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The Be Healthy Chiropractic Team

Lanson De Bruyn (Massage Therapist)

Lanson De Bruyn Massage Therapist

Lanson De Bruyn
Massage Therapist

Lanson is a gifted massage therapist with an uncanny intuitive healing touch. He excels in many forms of remedial massage including reflexology, lymphatic drainage and Chinese cupping and his amazing relaxation techniques. Lanson is passionate about natural healthy living, spending time with his wife and 2 young children, surfing, skating, ice hockey and stand up paddleboarding.

Sue Loors (Sunshine Coast Chiropractic Assistant)

Sue Loors
(Chiropractic Assistant)

Sue Loors (Chiropractic Assistant)

Sue has had extensive experience within the chiropractic and natural health professions and is widely-read in the areas of nutrition, yoga, spirituality and the mind-body connection. A married mother who has raised four outstanding young children, Sue brings an uplifting sense of love, strength and grace to all she meets. A source of great wisdom beyond her years, Sue provides valuable emotional support and practical lifestyle advice to assist you in obtaining the level of health and balance that you desire.

Sunshine Coast Chiropractic Assistant, Angelina Radic

Angelina Radic
(Chiropractic Assistant)

Angelina Radic (Chiropractic Assistant)

Just mention the words “Natural Health” and you will see Angelina’s eyes light up. Having a background in naturopathy, massage in addition to raising two young children means that Angelina has both the education and real-world experience to be a valuable support to you on your health journey.

Sunshine Coast Chiropractic Assistant, Judi Walker

Judi Walker
(Chiropractic Assistant)

Judi Walker (Chiropractic Assistant)

Judi is our resident “surfie chick” whose youthful attitude and zest for the beach and outdoors belies her years. (You would not believe she has 2 daughters, aged 28 and 30!) Judi also has her own amazing healing story having recovered from near death at the end of 2012 to the absolutely vibrant health she has created today.

We look forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness! Call Sunshine Coast chiropractor for an appointment today!

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